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An era of great change is here. Some might say it's overdue. We say: It's never too late. We respond with new alliances in technology, business and culture.  



My name is Bevan Suits.

In 1985 I graduated from Minneapolis College of Art & Design, in Industrial Design, AKA Product Design. This was the year of the Macintosh computer. The Sony Walkman. The Ozone Layer was disappearing. President Reagan's Secretary of the Interior, James Watt, wanted to privatize the national parks. Bankers and corporations were eliminating the family farm. It was clear to me that industrial society was headed in the wrong direction and I had elected to be part of it. 

Nearly 40 years later, my predictions have come true, but it seems the work is just beginning.

I bring some good experience to the table, having done a lot of work in science museums, childrens museums, corporate themed environments, architecture, interiors, signage, product design and sustainable agriculture systems. A lot of writing. A good family. 35 years of daily meditation and studying with some of the leading Zen masters of our time. 

In 2022, we're just getting started. Innovation never stops and inspiration is in great demand as we confront forces of darkness in the world. Sure, we can blame 'those people' for our problems, but this is the consumer culture we dreamed of back in the days of the Jetsons. So let's own it and work towards the freedom and justice we learned from President Kennedy. I still take his vision seriously. 

I work to build coalitions and invent new concepts that can shape economic and environmental justice, the best kind of justice. 



A lot of us kids took seriously the words of JFK: "Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country."



Soul of America is a new fashion brand focused on economic and environmental justice, to create a new US textile industry.  

Online exhibition for the Wisconsin Economic Development Association, October 2020. 


A 2-day exploration of hemp science and technology at Ga Tech, Fall of 2019. The first of its kind at a leading research institution, sponsored by FlexMod, Ga Tech and Eversheds law firm. We included farmers, scientists, investors and community members. 


Toxic to Profit is a research program to advance the proven environmental value of hemp to remove heavy metals and other pollutants from the soil. The  value is for brownfield improvement and industrial site management.  This is a long-term project based on some of our leading experts in hemp remediation. It was a Finalist in the Hemp Innovation Challenge at 2020's World Ag Expo.


Jam With Cuba puts to use my 30+ years of study and practice of AfroCuban percussion,  teaching how to count with the body and exploring the world of Afro Latin culture through YouTube, for the benefit of school districts.




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