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From Wisconsin to Georgia and out to Oregon, we map a new territory of ideas, ready to leverage hemp fiber and grain into multi-billion dollar industries: Food, fiber, packaging, textiles, construction. We make hemp relevant to established industry sectors in an era of great need. Now is the time to act locally and globally with our best talent and financial leverage. 




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hemp-related programs & events  to guide new investment,

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Let's get real about production and innovation to America. Hemp fiber for textiles, packaging and manufacturing is just a starting point for historic change. We're at a crossroad. What's really needed is education and collaboration.


We represent a solid network of American leaders in agriculture, science, business and education. The opportunity to reshape our industrial landscape is here.


America Has New Options for Materials, Resources and Production

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Our new fashion brand is just right for a post-pandemic era in 2021! Soul of America connects all the dots of industry and inspiration. Website coming very soon!

georgia institute of technology, fall 2019

Hemp: A plant for the planet

public media programming

CBD | Wellness

Toxic to Profit is a research program to advance the proven environmental value of hemp to remove heavy metals and other pollutants from the soil. The  value is for brownfield improvement and industrial site management.  This is a long-term project based on some of our leading experts in hemp remediation. It was a Finalist in the Hemp Innovation Challenge at 2020's World Ag Expo.

There is no doubt that hemp seed has very high nutritional and economic value. It is not taken seriously simply because we are still overcoming 80+ years of marijuana politics. We are strategically aligned with the Hemp Feed Coalition to promote this multi-billion dollar aspect of the industry. Current status: Modest research and administrative costs are needed to comply with FDA feed guidelines. The Hemp Feed Coalition is doing everything right. 

hemp environmental impact

toxic to profit


A 2-day exploration of hemp science and technology. The first of its kind at a leading research institution, sponsored by FlexMod, Ga Tech and Eversheds law firm. We included farmers, scientists, investors and community members. 


hemp animal feed

seed to feed


programs / exhibitions

Online Exhibition for Wisconsin Economic Development Corp to share the past and future of hemp in the Dairy State. 



A training program developed in coordination with leading law enforcement training directors across the US, LECTRA fills a big gap to train every officer in the science and the law of CBD / marijuana. 




Integral LLC

Bevan D. Suits


Bevan is an industrial designer, writeR, activist and innovator, with 30+ years representing science and technology to the public.  Since 2017 he's been opening doors and building new  bridges statewide across Georgia and  Wisconsin.

His portfolio includes:

•  Design and development of science museums, starting with the Hong Kong Science Museum in the early 90s.

•  Children's museums, including the Portland Children's Museum.

•  Architectural signage.

•  Corporate themed environments, including Walmart, CocaCola, Bell South, Georgia Tech.

•  New product development, branding and nationwide launch.

•  A leading expert in aquaponics, he has written 3 books on the subject. 

Chris Kearns

Financial Analyst/Hemp Farmer


Chris runs a a CBD farming and processing company, Cannivera outside of Milwaukee. He has a degree in finance from UW Milwaukee and several years experience in commercial banking. 

Dean Kendall

Hemp Farmer


Dean leads the state in terms of experience, hemp acreage grown and entrepreneurial drive.  Dean provides Integral a solid connection to the hemp plant and what it means for rural economies around the world.

Heidi Hess

Fashion Designer


Heidi brings her high end styles to help the fashion industry transition to a more sustainable future. 

Morris Beegle

CEO, NoCo Hemp Expo


Morris's event has been the leading space for innovation and investment in the new hemp industry, covering all aspects of the plant. 

Jim Kauffman

Textiles Professional

North Carolina

Jim is a leading expert on the textile industry, as an engineer, manager and contributing editor to Textile World.

Scott Seydel

Seydel Companies


Scott is globally recognized for his company's innovations in sustainable chemical processing for the textile industry. His family represents some of the leading environmental thinkers and doers of our time. 




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